The What

As this website might occasionally suggest, The Milan Review is an independent publishing house.

We use to publish a bit of everything: a semi-annual, English language literary journal (which also goes by the name The Milan Review), fiction in Italian, fiction in English, comics in Italian, comics in English and then also art books and also photo books and zines and posters and boxes with postcards inside them and anything that might tickle our fancy, really. Maybe pamphlets, too. Who knows what the future holds? We certainly don’t.

Also: you will not find our books in large chains. You want to get your hands on our stuff? You can come to our Events. We will let you know about these in the future.

We also plan make sure that all our books will be very pretty objects and will never cost too much money and will never be printed in very large print runs. So, there. That’s it. Keep in touch with us via our Facebook and twitter profiles. And take care!