Cryptocurrency Is It All a Scam? Some Examples

So there are many companies that come and go in the crypto space. Many believe most are scams but it’s hard to tell. So what exactly can you do to make sure you are joining a good company with core mechanics?

Well easier said then done. You can understand everything about blockchain and what’s happening in the market but that does not mean you will know what’s good and what’s bad in bitcoin and cryptocurrency.

You must do a lot of research to find the best.

Some companies we have come across have had incredible crypto professionals review many of these companies. I just want you to be aware so you can invest safely.

Trident Crypto Fund – Scam or No?

Well TDC came onto the scene about 30 days ago and man have they popped. They have gone completely viral. My guesstimate over 100k + people have joined Trident in the first month. That is incredible growth. The pros are the company keeps everyone well update with facebook, twitter, email, telegram etc. So we believe here at the Milan Review you can invest safely especially in the first 6-12 month period before the company gains to much speed.

USI Tech – Scam?

We suggest staying far away from this company. They have already closed doors in USA and Canada and possibly others as well. They are also not paying affiliates in the countries they are opened

Bitconnect – Scam?

Closed but a great example of a company that had a strong 2 year run until things went south. Many people lost there money however many people made a lot of money.

Cryptocurrency Risk

With anything you can make big gains comes big risk. Be ready to invest but you can never be 100%. Bigger the risk great the rewards will be. It always works that way.

So happy investing and like always hope we could help you today.