The Importance of Marketing to Self Published Authors

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Importance Of Marketing

Many people don’t understand there are many self-publishers running amuck and scrambling to find new people that will review their books.  The Milan Review helps these self taught publishers learn how to do this and why it’s so important.  Most publishers agree that the importance of marketing is the lifeblood of their business.

This is a huge problem in the book industry.  So many self-publishers are looking at alternative ways to generate income online that can’t seem to make ends meet in the book world.

If you’re not familiar with the industry it is true that many traditional mass media outlets have been biting at the bit and have even gone as far as not doing book reviews or scaling way back.  There are only so many spots left and the competition is absolutely fierce.

So big SEO and paid traffic guys like Josh Paiva, Todd Falcone, Randy Gage and many others have been helping these people with alternative methods while the self-publishers figure it out on their end.

importance of marketing

Many have been moving toward social media to reach new audiences and even sell through blogs in different niches.  Its very common space to see hosting, selling ad space and running traffic to more top tier business opportunities where they can increase their commissions with much less work and worry.

On the other side of this orchestrated kind of chaos, many reviewers will accept electronic versions of your book.  So many of these books are now being sent via  blog, pdf or other electronic methods which is bringing the costs down and the transactions much faster.

So as the processes are taking place it’s a common place for these writers to almost abandon what they are so use to in order to create more cash flow.  Milan wants to emphasize this as being very important to take note.

On the other side it’s very important to look at some of the numbers.  If you’re not familiar Kirkus is one of the best book reviewers out there and we have read in multiple places that they too are charging a high $425 fee to review these books even if they are sent electronically!  That process is taking anywhere form seven to 9 weeks for the entire process to be complete.  If the writer wants to pay an extra $150 they can expedite the process.

It has been stated recently that many writers, even those that have had big business in the past are orchestrating groups and forums in Facebook and other social media outlets that explain exactly the process they are going about to make these things happen.  It is a truth that most writers (if not all) love  and have a passion for writing but sometimes it takes more than that to make things work in your favor long term.

importance of marketing

As many of you are familiar eBooks are becoming common place in the writers world.  Many of these writers have learned these PDF style books through marketing gurus like Josh, Todd, Randy as well as other social media strategists looking for a new way to reach out to more and more readers for the lowest prices.

After all it’s all about how much your able to spend and how much comes back to you.  If you can’t create some type of profit you can’t stay in business.  You might as well go trade dollars for hours at some job.

So if your familiar with learning more about how these work from home marketers are helping writers take advantage of media outlets and paid advertising you should definitely reach out.  After all, we love helping others hold on and stay true to their passions and it really comes down to making money to live.  We all have to eat!

So what is it that people like Josh Paiva and Todd Falcone do to create cash flow on the internet?  We all hear about different things like work from home, work at home, internet marketing, affiliate marketing, trading online, bitcoin, selling physical products, selling digital products, and even trainings that people are willing to pay upwards of $50k to fly into a private training at some 5 star resorts and listen to professional speakers for 5 days.

The Milan Review again wants to highlight this as being very important as well.  It really depends what you want to do and how much you have to spend on paid advertising and business expenses.

We understand that most people are struggling to make ends meet so there are different alternatives for those just able to make their bills.

If you want to start on the low end while your writing continues you may want to start with blogging and building your list.  If your already writing content on a daily basis why not reach your target audience and build your fan base.  You would be very surprised at how easy it is to accomplish this.

Many people on the internet are starving for good quality content.  There is a lot of content out there but most of it is junk.  People scour youtube, google, Facebook, group and forums just looking for the right information to lose weight, make more money, get flees off their cat, just about anything really.  So you can dive basically into whatever niche you’re good at and let it fly.

importance of marketing

If you want to take it to the next level you may want to consider using paid advertising to reach your audience faster and easier.  If you are creating valuable content people will share it across social media.  If you give someone exactly what they are looking for they will share it to their profile page, email, through txt etc because you helped them basically.

This is very common especially in Facebook.  Give value value value and your content will most definitely go viral.  It’s as simple as that.

As your creating such content you can even dive into video.  People love video to learn more about what it is  your talking about but most importantly to get to know you as an individual.  People love putting a face to what it is they are reading about.  That is how you get yourself on radar so people start to believe in you.  Believe in your work.

So don’t be shy.  Move forward and create content as often as you can.  If you’re giving value it really is game over.  As funny as it is to say, you just might enjoy working in this fashion more than creating content to write books or forums of some sort.

Creating quality content to get people thinking is one of the most satisfying things a writer can do.  So let it rip.  Sky is the limit.