Six new books from The Milan Review!

Giorgia Malatrasi, Clancy Martin, Lele Saveri, Sammy Harkham and then Johnny Ryan, Ratigher, Deb Olin Unferth and Sarah Manguso: here’s the final list of incredible people whose work we’ll be publishing this fall/winter. Some of it will be in English (precisely, the stuff coming from the first four will be) and the rest will be in Italian.

We’re also taking the chance to announce here, formally, the Third Issue of The Milan Review. Coming December 2012. It shall be named The Milan Review Of Clancy Martin. It will have a subtitle, too, which will be: Travels in Central America. It will be hardback. It will include original drawings by Sammy Harkham, and the whole issue will be taken up by one long story or, if you wish, one short novel or, if you want to be precise, a novella. Said work will be penned by Mr. Clancy Martin and it will be so good it will make you want to uproot your life to become his personal assistant just on the off-chance that one day he could invite you to play a game of tennis with him.