Shane Jones has a new awesome novel out & loves cycling barefoot

It’s called Daniel Fights a Hurricane. It’s supposedly awesome. Here’s what I can say, not having read it yet: based on the excerpts I’ve seen so far, it’s gonna be pretty amazing and reading it is going to be wild. It will start off kind of normal and then slowly it will fill with weird ideas and things that kind of make no sense and all this weird stuff just buzzes around your head, one weird buzzing thing on top of the other, everything buzzing and vibrating, until the buzzing starts to be real pleasurable, like taking a bath after a long day and finding out you’re slowly being surrounded by really friendly fish that glow and give off warmth and looking at the fish and just going with it.
We ran one such excerpt in The Milan Review of the Universe and, just the other day, fellow TMROTU author Blake Butler interviewed Shane for So, you know, you should buy yourself a copy of Shane’s new book, like from here. We’re not saying you have to, just that you should, if you care about being a good, well-rounded person who likes to have his or her mind blown. If, on the other hand, you want to be dull and evil, then you can eff off back to your house on square island.

Note: We were thinking of ending this post here, but then we asked Shane for a picture, and he sent us the one above. Once we saw it, we knew we were going to have to ask Shane a few important questions.

The Milan Review: Shane, what is up. Explain yourself.
Shane Jones: I call this “Sadness with big bird feet.”

Explain some more. It looks like you’re practicing for the barefoot Tour de France.
The photo was taken during a photo shoot for NYLON magazine. This one never made it because, well, it’s awful? I mean, I love the picture, but there’s something unsettling about it. I think it’s funny.

Are you a cycling fan?
Yes. I am a cycling fan. Yes. I use to race when I was a teenager. I have the scrawny frame for cycling.

What about good old fashioned American sports, like football?
I follow the Buffalo Bills. I lived in Buffalo for five years. The team is a lovable group of losers and I just can’t stop watching them. Here’s my prediction for 2012: Buffalo in the AFC Championship. I’ll watch the game barefoot, on my stationary bike.