The KutiKuti Guide to Finland

Kuti KutiNew release! The KutiKuti Guide to Finland, aka the most Finnish book of weird comics of them all. It includes: Santa Claus in space, beer-drinking lynxes, emotionally unavailable men, castration, death metal, saunas and traditional Finnish folk tales. Also: owls.

KUTIKUTI is a comic art studio & association located in Helsinki, Finland. They are twelve people with awesome names who collectively make, publish and teach comics: Sami Aho, Heta Bilaletdin, Roope Eronen, Jarno Latva-Nikkola, Soren Mosdal, Tommi Musturi, Pauliina Makela, Aapo Rapi, Heikki Ronkko, Anna Salaimaa, Jari Vaara, Amanda Vahamaki, Mikko Vayrinen. There you go: twelve awesome names, all in a row.

We published this book thanks to the involvement of VOLTA Footwear, nice lads who make comfortable shoes and, most importantly, dig cool books. So head on to The Store to have a peek inside and nag yourself a copy. It’s very affordable, considering how awesome it is: just 10 euros / 12 bucks. As our friend said, “Ah, cheap & chic.” Our friend works in fashion. Doye.